The legend of Sant Jordi. Why men give to women a rose every April 23th

Sant_Jordi_per_RafaelOnce upon a time, Montblanc residents were terrified because of a terrible and fierce monster. It could walk, fly and swim, and it spitted fire through its mouth. The breath of the monster was so wealthy that caused the death of all the people who breathed.

With the intention to calm de monster, Montblanc residents fed him his cows, sheep, chickens and all the fruits of their gardens. When there was no food because the monster had eaten all herds, came the worst.

Montblanc residents agreed to feed the monster one person every day. The problem was to find that person willing to be devoured by the monster. After a long discussion, villagers decided to raffle every day who would be the person eaten by the monster. With this solution, the terrible beast seemed to feel satisfied, because it stopped terrorizing the villagers.

But one day, the luck in the lottery made ​​out the name of the daughter of King. The young princess was so beautiful and kind, and all the villagers loved her, and some people volunteered to replace her.  But the King, who was a righteous person, believed that his daughter was like everybody in the town, and she had to be given to the monster as any inhabitant in Montblanc.

The young princess walked alone to the cave where the monster was living. But when all the people in the town were crying because of the terrible scene, a handsome knight with a shining armor, mounted on a white horse appeared to save her.

The princess said: “Run away! If you stay, the monster is going to see you and want to devour”. But the knight answered: “Don’t worry. I’m here because I came expressly to save you and to save your town from this monster”.

When he was answering, the monster came out of his cave and then started an intense battle that finished when the knight thrust his sword into the dragon’s heart. Of the blood of the death monster, was born a beautiful rose bush. The knight cut one of the roses and gave it to the princess. Montblanc residents started to clap. The knight kissed the princess and they were happily ever.

This is why every April 23th, men give to women one rose, as a proof of his love. Women, at the same time, give to men a book. The date coincides with the “Book day”, because it commemorates the deaths of Miguel de Cervantes and William Sheakspeare.

Sant Jordi, who is the patron of Catalonia, is considered one of the most typical traditions here and it is celebrated by everyone in the country.


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