The legend of the monster of the Lake in Banyoles. Why people in Banyoles can swim in the Lake

foto_722_mOnce upon a time, in Banyoles, a little Catalan village, a huge beast lived in a cave in large depth of the Lake in the town. People who saw it told that was a terrible monster, that had a so foul breath that, when it blowed, it dried plants, poisoned water, stanked fields and assigned diseases to people and animals. But the worst thing it had was it was very greedy. Herds that passed near the Lake, disappeared as if by magic, into his throat.

People in Banyoles were terrified by the dragon. Neither were safe at home, because every night appeared a broken door and there was a missing person. Nothing could stop that monster.

But one day, Charlemagne soldiers thought that their legend would be greater if they killed the famous dragon. Then they would be famous around the world. They went to the Lake, ready to fight against the dragon. They only could prepare their spades. They all disappeared in the Dragon’s mouth.

When people who lived in Banyoles saw that the most powerful army in the world had fled because of fear, understood that only a miracle could save them. They decided to visit a monk in France, because they had listen that he could make miracles. When the monk listened the story, he agreed to help them.

He arrived to Banyoles praying and praying, and went to the Lake. When the Dragon saw him, it made no hostile movement. The monk said to the people that: “Keep out your weapons and guns, the Dragon would not do anything. It only eats vegetables!”. People realized that all was been a strategy of Charlemagne soldiers to gain power, fame and popularity.

This is the story that tells why people in Banyoles are not afraid to swim in the Lake, even there is living, now, a terrible Dragon. The Dragon is such famous that it has a typical catalan song! Listen to it here.


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