The four bars legend. Why the Catalan flag has these colours

ImageThe legend of the four stripes is the legend that explains the origin of the flag and the shield of Catalonia, first appeared in 1551 in the second part of the General Chronicle of Spain.

The story explains that the origins of the flag are in Guifré el Pilós, the last count of Barcelona appointed by the Frankish kings, and the first to give inherit their domains, initiating the Dynasty Counts of Barcelona.

Specifically, is told that the four stripes were created after a battle against the Normans, when the Frankish king dip his hand in a open wound of Guifré el Pilós, and then he passed all four fingers above the golden shield of the Count of Barcelona. With this act was created the shield of the House of Barcelona, symbol of the new sovereign conquered, and, over the years, this four red stripes become the Catalan flag.

Now, the Catalan flag is composed by 4 red vertical stripes, that are the blood of Guifré el Pilós, and between each red stripe, there is a yellow one, that symbolizes the shield of the Count.



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