The legend of the women in Tous. Why in this small town children eat bread & nuts

ImageThe legend tells that in the castle in Tous lived a greedy and capricious lady. She was accustomed to luxury and the good life and it all seemed little refinement to her. The good food is what she loved more, and she just wanted delights

There was a chef that discovered delicious stew bones, nicely seasoned. When the lady asked what it was that food that tasted so good, the cook said:

– Is the bone marrow of black lamb, only black lamb.

Since that day, she only wanted that dish: any could satisfy her. First, there were finished black sheep of his flock, and then, all the black sheep of his territory. 

It was so hard to find them, and the lady spent all her money trying to buy every black lamb that existed. She ended all her resources, and she sold all the possessions she had. 

In that situation, stripped of everything, she was forced to beg from house to house asking for help and for some money to eat. Around to the farms that once were of her own, the legend says that one of the owners of that houses, gave to her a crust of bread and a few nuts.

She was so hungry, that while she was eating, she started to cry. When the owner of the house asked what was wrong, she answered, complaining about her misfortune: “If I had known it was so good bread & nuts, I would still be the Tous lady”. In Catalan, nuts are called “nous“, and this is why the sentence said by the lady is so famous in Tous, because it rhymes: “Si hagués sabut que era tan bo el pa amb nous, encara avui seria la senyora de Tous”.

This is why children -and adults- in Tous always have as a snack some bread & nuts. They assure that is the best food ever. At last, is the cheapest one… 


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