The legend of “La Moreneta”. Why the patron saint of Catalonia is black?

ImageThe legend says that in 880, during some weeks, people could observe very intense and dazzling lights that illuminated the Montserrat Mountains. The phenomenon made that many people came because of the singular and surprised fact. People thought there was something magical in that fact and even the Bishop of Manresa went to Montserrat to see that extraordinary case.

That’s when there was founded in a cave, the image of a beautiful Madonna. She had black skin. When people that founded the Madonna wanted to bring it to Manresa, the nearest city from Montserrat, they couldn’t do it. Then, they realized that the Virgin wanted to belong to this place and decided to build a shrine to venerate her.

This is why this Virgin is called Montserrat, like the Mountains, and this place is known as de Monastery of Montserrat. The image of the Black Madonna, that in Catalan is called ‘La Moreneta’, is visited by thousands of people from those days. 


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